Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne

Kölner Schlösser

Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne

Padlock At Hohenzollern-Bridge

The Hohenzollern bridge is used by couples to express their love by putting such a padlock at the bridge and then throwing the key into rhine. This picture is quiet old, because today the bridge is nearly full of padlocks.

Cathedral and train brigde

It seems that the train are going directly into the cathedral... it is said the German Kaiser did that on purposes, because he didn't like the catholics.

Crane Houses

Rheinauhafen, Cologne

Crane House

The famous "Kranhäuser" in Cologne


Detail view of the Severin bridge in Cologne with the famous colour Adenauer Blue http://bit.ly/1LZtFjK


Old industrial building ve been renewd and are now flats


Crane - seen in Rheinauhafen in Cologne

Welcome to the Machine

Cologne, Chuba Chups Photo Pop


Cologne - Chuba Chups Photo Pop, CCPP

At the Cathedral

Cologne - Analog and B/W

Cologne Cathedral

I was lucky that my hot-air balloon ride was going directly over the cathedral

Hot-air Balloon

The ride with this hot-air balloon was one of my biggest adventure...

Cologne, my city

Situations like this make me fall in love with Cologne


Saturday: everbody is going shoppig

Cologne at night

The amazing colours of the bridge during the night are really faszinating

Glowing bridge

Cologne during the blue hour

Cologne at sunset

Another classical picture...

Cologne Cathedral

The Classical picture of Cologne with the Hohenzollern Bridge and the famous cathedral

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