Morning Walk

In Zeiten von Corona schrumpft der eigene Horizont auf einen engen Raum ein. Umso wichtiger sind für mich die Morgenspaziergänge, wo ich die eigenen vier Wände verlassen kann.

Just another sunset

You cannot have enough pictures of sunsets

Sunset at the beach

After a beautiful day...

Black trees and Red Skys

Seen at Kerpen

When the sky is burning

Beautiful sunset in Kerpen, Northrhine-Westphalia


Reaction after he has seen the sea

Sunrise in January

On the way to the kindergarten I saw the amazing sun rise on January 31st.


First bicycle tour 2015

Sunset in Kerpen

The sky was burning

Rain & Sunset

from the left side a huge thunderstorm is arriving

Sunset and Rain

Beuatiful Sunset at Kerpen, Germany. n the left side you can see that it was starting to rain.

Cloudy sun

seen with Chupa Chups Photo Pop


Königswinter, Germany

Sunset over river Rhine

Chupa Chups Photo Pop


Naxos, Greece

Burning sky

Naxos, Greece

Go into the Sea?

Domburg, Netherland

Rennen, Springen, Toben verboten

seen in Brandenburg





Remember a special summer

August 2011, just before my son was born

Double exposure


Party on the farm

Double exposure with Holga

Winter Wonderland

taken with my mobile

Pylon Sunset

seen in Troisdorf

Sunset with wrong camera

I just had my iphone to take this picture of the sunset


Sometimes colours at sunset are unbelievable

Sunset after Rain

On the Road to Düren

Just before the storm

On the way to the Santa Claus fair in Kerpen - the sun was shining, but the clouds were threatening

Sign Forest

Have fun and accelerate! (Sometime I am asking myself if the guys who are setting up such traffic signs will use their brain for just one second...)

Sunrise Siegburg

The view from my office


On the way to the rail station - I have the feeling that the autunm already has begun.


Alhough mid of August it seems to be already autumn