Morning Walk

In Zeiten von Corona schrumpft der eigene Horizont auf einen engen Raum ein. Umso wichtiger sind für mich die Morgenspaziergänge, wo ich die eigenen vier Wände verlassen kann.

Transparent Windows

My Windows PC with a very interesting background image

The endless picture

This was my first digital work. It was a spontanous idea and was surprisingly easy to do. I like the idea of being something endless. I did this kind of pictures several times, but this is still my favorite one.

Field Poppy in A Garden

Hi Folks, I'm back again. After a long time of absence, I decided to give my passion for photography a new chance. Most of my work is beeing uploaded to Instagram but it is still not the same as sharing it here with everyone.


Seen a Fuerteventura beach 2017


Some old work of mine... more than 10 years old. From 2007...


wonderful coneflower seen in Mittelberg/Austria

Tulip inside

Taken with Samsung S5 in Bad Homburg

Just another sunset

You cannot have enough pictures of sunsets

Sunset at the beach

After a beautiful day...

When the sky is burning

Beautiful sunset in Kerpen, Northrhine-Westphalia

Sunset over Naxos

Never seen such a beautiful sunset before

10 years ago...

...I had my first shotting in the studio.


Reaction after he has seen the sea

Sunrise in January

On the way to the kindergarten I saw the amazing sun rise on January 31st.

Villa Roula

taken 2010 on Koufunissi


Aniza, taken in 2006


First bicycle tour 2015


This time I did not found a suitable title

Taverna Paradiso

Famous Taverna at Paradiso Beach

Let's accelerate!!!

Now we can really speed up...


Naxos, Greece


It looks very promising


seen at the east coast in Naxos

Restoration of an old Picture

This picture has been taken in the 30ties of the 20th century at river Rur in Düren. You see my grandmother with my two years old uncle.


Suddenly my cup and my plate were floating

Sunset from Oniro

The restaurant with the best view during sunset

Sunset over Naxos

I cannot help myself - I love sunsets

Like a Prayer

Seen on a cemetery in Düren


Naxos, Greece


Naxos, Greece

Porta of Naxos

Taken at sunset time


Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne

Kölner Schlösser

Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne

Padlock At Hohenzollern-Bridge

The Hohenzollern bridge is used by couples to express their love by putting such a padlock at the bridge and then throwing the key into rhine. This picture is quiet old, because today the bridge is nearly full of padlocks.

Cathedral and train brigde

It seems that the train are going directly into the cathedral... it is said the German Kaiser did that on purposes, because he didn't like the catholics.

Crane Houses

Rheinauhafen, Cologne

Crane House

The famous "Kranhäuser" in Cologne

Rain & Sunset

from the left side a huge thunderstorm is arriving

Sunset and Rain

Beuatiful Sunset at Kerpen, Germany. n the left side you can see that it was starting to rain.


Detail view of the Severin bridge in Cologne with the famous colour Adenauer Blue


Old industrial building ve been renewd and are now flats


Crane - seen in Rheinauhafen in Cologne


Chronos (/ˈkroʊnɒs/; Greek: Χρόνος, "time," also transliterated as Khronos or Latinized as Chronus) is the personification of Time in pre-Socratic philosophy and later literature. Seen in Düren...


I do not know what "TG" means...

Believe me...

...this camera does not have a self-timer function


Somebody abandoned his stuffed animal... sad story!

I am not sure...

... if this the right way for the firmware update

ramp horizont

Sometimes I liked unconventional setups

Sunset from Balkony

At our tour on San Torini we had a fabolous hotel. Our view on the sunset was magnificant...

Walk at Mai Khao Beach

Ein traumhafter Spaziergang an einen fast unberührten Strand - nur fast unberührt, denn die Hotels waren dezent hinter den Bäumen. So blieb die Illusion vom unberührten Paradies...

Corner Shop

Naxos - even some birds had their nests in the basekts

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