Sunset over Naxos

Never seen such a beautiful sunset before

Villa Roula

taken 2010 on Koufunissi


This time I did not found a suitable title

Taverna Paradiso

Famous Taverna at Paradiso Beach

Let's accelerate!!!

Now we can really speed up...


Naxos, Greece


It looks very promising


seen at the east coast in Naxos

Sunset from Oniro

The restaurant with the best view during sunset

Sunset over Naxos

I cannot help myself - I love sunsets


Naxos, Greece http://bit.ly/1wA011a


Naxos, Greece

Porta of Naxos

Taken at sunset time

Corner Shop

Naxos - even some birds had their nests in the basekts


seen from the famous restaurant Oniro

Naxos Habour

Dawn, Naxos, Greece


San Torini, Greece


Mykonos, Greece

Dramatic Sky

Interessting clouds over the porta of Naxos

Pano Koufonisi

Snapseed make this picture looks like a postcard from the 50's

Nice View

...in this restaurant in Mykonos

Wind mill

sunset in Mykonos

Waiting for sunset

At the famous porta of Naxos every evening people are waiting for the magnificant sunset - me too!

Naxos Habour

seen through a fisheye

Pano Koufonisi

The habour of Pano Koufonisi, Greece


Beuatiful old town of Naoussa (Paros, Greece)

Really blue sea

Sometimes you know that a picture cannot express what you have seen. In case the deepness is missing. But still - the blue is incredible. There is no photoshop at all in this picture - except the frame... ;-)

Small Alley

The fascinating thing in San Torini is the fact that in each small alley you could see the sea...

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