Atom Heart Mother

This picture reminds me of the famous Pink Floyd cover of Atom Heart Mother

Vintage look

I have made this photo old...

Waiting for sunset

At the famous porta of Naxos every evening people are waiting for the magnificant sunset - me too!

Naxos Habour

seen through a fisheye

Pano Koufonisi

The habour of Pano Koufonisi, Greece


it is a question of time


Beuatiful old town of Naoussa (Paros, Greece)


This cat is watching you


Collage of four different shots

Really blue sea

Sometimes you know that a picture cannot express what you have seen. In case the deepness is missing. But still - the blue is incredible. There is no photoshop at all in this picture - except the frame... ;-)

The pants are full

In German where is an expression "Er hat die Hose voll" which means that someone is scared. This pic gives this expression a new meaning

Small Alley

The fascinating thing in San Torini is the fact that in each small alley you could see the sea...


Old restored carousel from the 1920s


Annakirmes - Don't tell it is rocket science

Cologne, my city

Situations like this make me fall in love with Cologne

Sunset with wrong camera

I just had my iphone to take this picture of the sunset

Was Christo here?

The town hall of Düren

Do not touch

Mickey Mouse's brother...

Breakdance No.1

classical carousel at the Annakirmes

Winke Winke

Seen at the fomous Annakirmes in Düren


Sometimes colours at sunset are unbelievable


Saturday: everbody is going shoppig


Köbes in Siegburg

No drinking water

In this case - I think - the warning was not necessary

All in Orange

I wanna be a orange joice


Looks nice but probably not eatable

Going Home

Arriving at station Kerpen-Horrem


The beautiful city of Siegburg in the autumn sun


simply some mushrooms

Beautiful Sunset

Sometime the colours of the sky can be unbelievable beautiful


Santa Claus fair in Kerpen

Just before the storm

On the way to the Santa Claus fair in Kerpen - the sun was shining, but the clouds were threatening

Sign Forest

Have fun and accelerate! (Sometime I am asking myself if the guys who are setting up such traffic signs will use their brain for just one second...)


This pic is taken during a session with Aniza (

Sunrise Siegburg

The view from my office

Cologne at night

The amazing colours of the bridge during the night are really faszinating

Glowing bridge

Cologne during the blue hour

Cologne at sunset

Another classical picture...

Cologne Cathedral

The Classical picture of Cologne with the Hohenzollern Bridge and the famous cathedral

Culture Palace

One of the most impressive buildings in Warsaw - and even more important: This was the view from my hotel room


On the way to the rail station - I have the feeling that the autunm already has begun.


Alhough mid of August it seems to be already autumn

Cat Content

It is always good to have some cat picture on the web page to create traffic... ;-)

Annakirmes 2014

A roller coaster for kids - my son had really fun

Annakirmes 2014

I'm getting sick only because of watching this

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