Pinguins on Tour

Hamburg @ Miniaturwunderland

Traffic Control

Hamburg @ Miniaturwunderland

Santa Claus Strike

Hamburg @ Miniaturwunderland

Bio Break

Hamburg - Miniaturwunderland

Snow on the Roof

Hamburg @ Miniaturwunderland

Sale in Germany

Believe it or not - this picture is taken in Hamburg. Obviously, the Germans do not have a proper word for SALE

Give way

Chupa Chups Photo Pops @ Kerpen

Hui Buh

Two pictures taken with the CCPP combined - Chupa Chups Photo Pop


Kolpingstadt Kerpen

Welcome to the Machine

Cologne, Chuba Chups Photo Pop


Cologne - Chuba Chups Photo Pop, CCPP

Cloudy sun

seen with Chupa Chups Photo Pop

At the Cathedral

Cologne - Analog and B/W


Königswinter, Germany


seen from the famous restaurant Oniro

Naxos Habour

Dawn, Naxos, Greece


Lucerne, Switzerland


San Torini, Greece

Circus Krone

Amazing - this picture has been made with a distance of 10 cm!


Mykonos, Greece

Sexy underwear

Really? - Seen in Düren Holga-Version


Wasserschöpp, Heppenheim

Windows for Teletubbies

This grassland reminds me of the default background wallpaper of Windows XP


This pic is taken during a session with Aniza (

Castle Brolio

Rubber duck

Rubber duck in a barrel


Annakirmes, Düren

Einfach aus der Reihe tanzen

Just to march to a different drummer, Holga

Remember a special summer

August 2011, just before my son was born

Dramatic Sky

Interessting clouds over the porta of Naxos

Pano Koufonisi

Snapseed make this picture looks like a postcard from the 50's


edited by snapseed - before Google has bought Nik software and crashed this great software - seen in Königaswinter

Party on the farm

Double exposure with Holga

Cologne Cathedral

I was lucky that my hot-air balloon ride was going directly over the cathedral

Hot-air Balloon

The ride with this hot-air balloon was one of my biggest adventure...

Ferriswheel Feldmann

Historical Fair in Nideggen


This wasp was numb because it was sitting on a tabocca plant - seen in Trier


The subway station Maybachstraße in Stuttgart

Nice View this restaurant in Mykonos

Wind mill

sunset in Mykonos

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