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Restoration of an old Picture

This picture has been taken in the 30ties of the 20th century at river Rur in Düren. You see my grandmother with my two years old uncle.


Naxos, Greece


Somebody abandoned his stuffed animal... sad story!

Corner Shop

Naxos - even some birds had their nests in the basekts

Sale in Germany

Believe it or not - this picture is taken in Hamburg. Obviously, the Germans do not have a proper word for SALE

At the Cathedral

Cologne - Analog and B/W

Sexy underwear

Really? - Seen in Düren Holga-Version


Annakirmes, Düren

Remember a special summer

August 2011, just before my son was born

Hot-air Balloon

The ride with this hot-air balloon was one of my biggest adventure...

Ferriswheel Feldmann

Historical Fair in Nideggen


The subway station Maybachstraße in Stuttgart

Nice View this restaurant in Mykonos


it is a question of time


Collage of four different shots

The pants are full

In German where is an expression "Er hat die Hose voll" which means that someone is scared. This pic gives this expression a new meaning


Old restored carousel from the 1920s


Annakirmes - Don't tell it is rocket science

Do not touch

Mickey Mouse's brother...

Breakdance No.1

classical carousel at the Annakirmes

Winke Winke

Seen at the fomous Annakirmes in Düren


Saturday: everbody is going shoppig

No drinking water

In this case - I think - the warning was not necessary

Going Home

Arriving at station Kerpen-Horrem


The beautiful city of Siegburg in the autumn sun


Santa Claus fair in Kerpen

Sign Forest

Have fun and accelerate! (Sometime I am asking myself if the guys who are setting up such traffic signs will use their brain for just one second...)

Annakirmes 2014

A roller coaster for kids - my son had really fun

Annakirmes 2014

I'm getting sick only because of watching this

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